Daily Routine

My daily routine has changed pretty frequently in the past year as I have moved around so much! I've been such a rolling stone, moving around, switching jobs, and my skincare routine followed the same pattern. In an attempt to create some control out of chaos, I started a strict routine about 6 weeks ago and the changes have been pretty significant! Check out my (not really rolling but more lightly placed stone) routine below!


Step 1

Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse! My chin hates me and loves to break out. As soon as I think I have handled one blemish, a little sister starts to develop close by. This cleanser feels like it gets in there, works hard, and gets out! Formulated with lemon, algae, cherry, aloe leaf, this antioxidant-rich cleanser cuts through my skin's bullshit. My skin feels tight afterward but not really dry. 


step 2

Exfoliation. Green Apply Peel was one of my first forays into chemical exfoliants (previously experimented with Drunk Elephant's Sukari Babyfacial). I use this twice a week in the evenings.  Using potent alpha and beta hydroxy acids, this mask reveals a brighter complexion and evens my skin's texture. This has done wonders to clear old acne scars! I have several other chemical peels I want to try, very into this now...


step 3

Serum, this stuff has an intense tackiness! Feels very runny on fingers and then sticks to your face! The key ingredient here is the willow bark, which has salicylic acid to continue to exfoliate and clear blemishes. Wouldn't probably use this one on its own but as part of the routine, I think it works! 


step 4

Moisturize!  This is lightweight, meant for layering on top of the serum (removes the tackiness!). I now live a such a humid place that this moisturizer works well (I still like to layer Embyolisse's last de creme on as a makeup primer or a hydration mask before bed!). With an SPF of 30, its a product I feel pretty good about. Again, I think this works well within this routine, maybe, wouldn't be the star of its own show.

So I'm feeling pretty good about this routine (also having any kind of routine!) I have seen my skin's texture even out and my blemish are manageable. I love the way my foundation (Chanel's Les Beige in 22) feels on top of my skin. I don't know... maybe routine = control.