It’s easy to travel through the daily grind and just take up small amounts of space. Going big is tough; it requires vulnerability; it requires taking up space. Painting is inherently about taking up space; you are filling up a canvas with your ideas, emotions, and aesthetics and that can be terrifying. 

But I want to do it.

I want to go big so I painted big. Going big is about choosing yourself and thinking your ideas are valid.

Fall at Rosalind coffee


When was the last time you — or we, really decided to go big? Maybe you’ve made a big career move or relationship choice, or maybe you bought that expensive dress that looked so good. How did it feel? Scary or affirming?

Escape, 48 x 72 Acrylic on Canvas

Escape, 48 x 72 Acrylic on Canvas

My works will be up in Rosalind Coffee shop through the fall, so come by, enjoy a latte, and think about some of the big things you want to pursue!

Rosalind Coffee, 107 N 6th St, Garland, TX 75040